​LadyP  Production


​​​​​Penny Pittman

           ​​​Author and Poet

Meet LadyP:

​Hi I'm Penny Pittman, Owner

and CEO of: Penny Publishings. 

Poet, Author, Producer, and Mother, born in New Orleans, La.

I enjoy reading, writing, music, cooking, sports, and spending quality time with family and friends. My life has NOT been an easy journey, but I know without a doubt it was all....necessary, for my triumphs have indeed pushed me into a realm of what I call:

​"Miraculous Expectations"

​"Expectations" that I will strive to share with the world.

​Penny Publishings Inc.

​is an Independently Owned, and Operated; Self-Publishing;

Literary Producing LLC.

​​​I so hope that you enjoy my work, as I have sincerely given of myself, while attempting to both inspire and challenge your thoughts. Please cast your cares upon a sea, and allow your destiny and purpose to pull you into a path of freedom, while maintaining your heart within a positive realm of life.

​Adjoin yourself to this vision of: Love, Hope, and Perseverance within the Earth. I believe it's possible. Come now and let's dream together, as we EXPLORE inner depths.........

         Best Wishes/One Love

​                       LadyP